As a guide to our fees, our current Process Serving charges for serving proceedings in the Jurisdiction of England and Wales are as follows:-


We have two rates of charging, standard rate and urgent rate.  The standard rate is then divided into two categories, a London service rate and an out of London service rate.  All prices quoted are subject to Value Added Tax, where tax law requires us to charge it.



Standard Service


Our standard charge for serving proceedings at any address in the London Postal district, (about 300 square miles) is £55.00 for the first visit, and £37.00 for each subsequent visit to the address.  This price includes any travelling time and mileage incurred, but not VAT.  Any necessary waiting time is charged at £46.00 per hour.


Our standard services at any address in the rest of the country is charged £65.00 for the first visit and £44.00 for each subsequent visit, regardless of travelling time and mileage.  Waiting time is charged as above.



Urgent Service


Our urgent rate is charged for matters requiring immediate attention and is charged on the basis of the total time engaged by the agent at £46.00 per hour, plus £0.65p per mile travelling expenses.  Our minimum time charge for urgent matters is £92.00 in London and £115.00 out of London.



Proof of Service


Our fee for preparing and swearing an Affidavit of Service including Solicitors fee is £30.00.  The exception is for lengthy Affidavits of Attempts or of Substituted Service for which the inclusive fee is £35.00.


Our fee for preparing and completing a Certificate of Service or a Witness Statement with Statement of Truth is £25.00 for the first page and £5.00 for each subsequent page. 


For Proofs of Service required at a later date we charges an additional £10.00


Please note:  Instructing clients are responsible for our fees in full and we require settlement to be made within one month.









Limited Company service fee for London




£65 including proof of service




     Our standard fee for serving at a registered office address at any London Postal district.



     We acknowledge receipt of your instructions.



     Our experienced team of Process Servers will serve within four working days (Monday – Friday) – guaranteed or no charge.



     Plus we provide a Certificate or Witness Statement of Service, or a sworn Affidavit if you prefer.



     All for just £65.00 plus VAT.





This offer is for serving one company and where the Affidavit does not need to be sworn before a Notary Public.