Established in 1970 Process Servers Limited are at the forefront of offering Legal Support Services to Law firms, Banks and Government Institutions in the UK and worldwide.


We work closely with our clients to meet their objectives and time constraints.


We provide detailed no obligation quotes to all our potential clients.


50+ years of experience keeps us ahead of the curve professionally.


Established in 1970 and located in close proximity to the offices of major city law firms, Process Servers Limited has for over 50 years served Legal, Corporate and Government Institutions in the UK and overseas.

We have built up a network of competent agents throughout the country and have our own highly experienced in-house agents working in London and the Home Counties. It is our aim that you should feel confident that instructions sent to this company will be dealt with in an efficient and professional manner to the satisfaction of yourselves and your clients.

Process Serving

Process Servers Limited has worked in this area of Litigation Support for over 50 years. We understand the importance of flexibility, prompt service and completion of the follow up paperwork. Thanks to our efficient service and professional knowledge a number of leading legal institutions retain our services to complete this essential element of litigation.

Tracing Persons and Assets

We have successfully traced individuals, companies, and assets for over 50 years. 

We have a high success rate and while a majority the traces we undertake involve locating subjects in the UK, we also provide an equally successful international service.

Process Agents

We act as Process Agent for numerous overseas companies, banks and insurers, that wish to do business in the UK, without a physical presence here.

We provide an address to accept legal service on their behalf. We tailor the term of our Agreement to match that of your contract.

Covert Surveillance

Our surveillance operatives use expert covert techniques, to obtain legally robust and fully admissible evidence for court proceedings, in corporate fraud, personal injury, counterfeit goods trade & matrimonial matters. We also understand that sometimes, you just need to know the facts to achieve peace of mind. We also have the skills to install bespoke, unmanned surveillance equipment in rural and urban locations.

Site visits

On-the-ground enquiries can also be undertaken for a variety of reasons such as: 

to obtain a valuation of the property,
to establish if the property is occupied and if so by who,
at the defendant’s place of work to confirm that they work there,
or to make contact with an elderly resident.

Wealth Profiling

Our asset trace searches draw from an unparalleled range of proprietary and public information databases and are supported with ground sources and field agent enquiries where necessary. We use our analytical expertise to then interpret and refine the data obtained to build a picture of the subject’s financial, business and personal circumstances. We are experienced in undertaking investigations across borders.

We are a member of The Association of British Investigators. ABI membership is a single source of highly experienced and qualified industry experts who have met the high standards required to join the prestigious association.

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